Thursday, September 23, 2021
Direct-to-Disk Cooling

CoolDisk makes use of thermally conductive plastic mounting structures to enable direct liquid cooling of hard disk drives. This patented innovation requires no fans and serves as both a vibration damper and heating transfer path allowing precise control of hard disk operating temperatures independent of the ambient temperatures in the data center.


This “direct-to-disk” cooling closely tracks with cooling water temperatures making possible hard disk operating temperatures of 25C and below. With the addition of a cooling water loop to the data center rack, servers with direct-to-disk cooling can be drop-in replacements for current servers.


The primary goal of this direct-to-disk cooling innovation is to extended the lifetime and decrease the failure rate of a hard disk while at the same time increasing the performance and reliability of the hard disk in service.

Ground Connected

So we have warm process water that has been heated by the servers. What do we do with the heat?

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Built to Virtualize.

LiquidMips servers are optimized as hosts for virtualized computing and the software defined datacenter.

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No server room required.

Computer installations can take advantage of non-traditional locations for data centers that include standard office space, warehouses, and other locations without the need for raised floor installation.

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Cool to Last.

Excessively high temperatures are excessively unfriendly to your servers. In fact, cooler servers last longer.

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Can we build one for you?

CoolDisk servers are an unbeatable combination of ideas whose time has come. Stand out from the crowd. Dare to lead your organization to the next level of high-tech low impact solutions.

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Server Density

Increase server density 3x to 4x the current “high-density” designs.

More Secure

Increase physical as well as EMI/RFI security.

Save money

Reduce cooling costs by 25% to 95%.
Reduce of labor costs associated with computer service.

Preserve Nature

Make geothermal cooling of servers practical

Expand service

Allow for lights-out data centers located outside traditional urban areas

Win Win!

Allow for non-traditional very low cost data center designs

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